Zabbar Autofest is a well renowned annual car show organised by the Youth Committee under the brand name of MMG Promotions. Originating back in 2012, Zabbar Autofest is now a charitable event in collaboration between MMG Promotions and Inspire Malta.

Zabbar Autofest originated in the Youth Committee as a car show back in 2012 in order to raise funds for the year’s approaching feast. The idea was an immediate hit with the club’s youths as well as other members that offered a helping hand.

The first edition was organised on Sunday 10th June with an attendance of over eighty cars, mostly modified and classic ones. Considering the fact that a huge part of the committee were not even over 18 years of age, and the fact that none of the members had any experience in organising such an event, it was a great feat for the Youth Committee.

After that year’s feast, the Youth Committee immediately set its eyes on the following year’s car show. The 2013 event grew larger, with car participation being close to three hundred, gaining a lot of media coverage mainly due to the fact that the Youth Committee decided to raise funds for Inspire.

The idea of raising funds for charity remained, and year after year the event grew stronger. In 2015, the youth committee decided to re-brand the event to Zabbar Autofest, with a new original logo featured on photos, the event Facebook page and other promotional materials. This same concept is being employed by the Youth Committee for all future Autofest events.

Any interest in this event, such as sponsorships or auto participation, can be forwarded via