The Soc. Filar. Maria Mater  Gratiæ actively participates in the annual celebrations organised in our town in honour of the Patron Saint, Our Lady of Graces. In fact this Society brings the same name as that of the Patron Saint.

Zabbar is intrinsically synonymous with the devotion towards Our Lady of Graces, this is shown throughout the history of this town, where most of the major activities that took place where centred around this devotion and the worship that the town’s people showed towards Our Lady throughout the ages. The coronation of the altar painting occurring in 1951, will always be remembered as the greatest show of devotion by the people of Zabbar towards Our Lady. Similar occasions marked the 50th anniversary of this instance and the 400th anniversary celebrations from the foundation of the Zabbar Parish in 1616. Several Ex Voto paintings and donations given by the devotees of Our Lady are shown with pride at the Zabbar Sanctuary Museum, situated beside the same Sanctuary.

Since its foundation in 1883, our Philharmonic Society, has given its utmost to enhance this devotion towards her own Patron Saint, especially through the participation of the band in all major events occurring in the town. The Society has worked hard throughout its existence to remain true to its original roots, those of being the forerunner of the dissemination of musical culture in our town together with its constant participation in all festivities taking place throughout the years, especially those dedicated to Our Lady of Graces.

This Society boasts a vast number of musical concerts and streets marches through which hundreds of followers have been actively involved throughout the years, always working to improve the festivities and also honouring the Society’s name. These mentioned marches have also been enhanced by featured artefacts and paraphernalia which thrive to enhance the unique atmosphere created during these activities. The band concerts organised have always been of a high standard where the music played by the band has been chosen specifically to entertain the vast audience that follows this band throughout its activities. The Annual Concert organised by the Society’s band has been an annual highlight for several years, where a specific theme is selected and the theatre in which the band plays is also decorated specifically according to the selected theme. The Festa Concert, which takes place annually in the Band Club’s own open air theatre, The Blue Arena, is also aimed to entertain the Society’s members and distinguished guests, usually this concert marks the highlight of the band’s celebrations for the feast.