Shortly after the 2010 feast celebrations, some members of the Youth Section felt that more importance should be given to youths of a very young age who, although the minimum age requirement to join the Youth Committee has been lowered to fourteen years of age, a niche had to be created in order to cater for younger volunteers. Despite their young age, they can still be of great benefit towards this Society.

An action-group, branching from the Youth Section was therefore formed, made up of a group of promising teenagers under the age of sixteen. The group became known as MMG Teens.

MMG Teens hold their own meetings to discuss regular activities and initiatives for the benefit of the Society. A number of activities have been already organised by this group including a number of car wash days, ice skating and an outing at Buskett. MMG Teens also supported some bigger projects including the Annual Musical Concert and the Good Friday Exhibition, Pesah.

If anyone is interested in joining the MMG Teens, one can simply join the facebook group :- MMG Teens