The Society’s administration falls under the responsibility of the Executive Committee which is the Society’s main organ, empowered to make and implement major organisational decisions to make sure that everything runs in order and according to the statute.

The Executive Committee namely:

  1. Proposes and implement strategies and policies
  2. Monitors all activities and projects
  3. Controls the Society’s financial budget
  4. Undergoes maintenance of all premises
  5. Undertakes all legal obligations
  6. Requests justification on all matters
  7. Acts as the principal forum through which members and all sub-committees can liaise

The Executive Committee is elected annually by the Society’s members in an Annual General Meeting. It meets regularly, almost every week. Meetings are chaired by the Society’s President, which post is currently held by Mr. Joseph A. Saliba.


The Executive Committee for the Administrative Year 2016/2017 is made up of the following members:

President – Mr Joseph Saliba
Vice-President – Mr Mario Aquilina
Executive Secretary – Dr Errol Cutajar
Assistant Secretary – Mrs Rosanne Gauci
Financial Administrator – Mr Lawrence Bugelli
Curator – Mr Darren Cassar
Public Relations Officer – Mr Gianluca Tabone

Assistants & Members:

  • Mr Charles Micallef – Consulent
  • Mrs Rosanne Gauci – Assistant Secretary
  • Mr Fabian Fenech – Band Representative
  • Mrs Frances Farrugia – Assistant Financial Administrator
  • Mr Charles Scicluna – Events Coordinator and Assistant Financial Administrator
  • Mr Angelo Scicluna – Events Coordinator
  • Mr Luciano Farrugia – Hall Manager
  • Mr Marco Fenech – Assistant Hall Manager
  • Mr Jesmond Fenech – Assistant Hall Manager
  • Mr Kirril Xuereb – Assistant Curator
  • Mrs Susan Testa – Band Representative