The Maria Mater Gratiæ Philharmonic of Zabbar was founded in 1883 with the aim of cultivating love towards music and promote cultural awareness in Zabbar. Throughout all these years the Society has abided by these principles and has always strived to hire top class bandmasters and music teachers to teach the music language to its students – in this way safeguarding the existence and enrichment of its band. The Society has always carried out this service free of charge but with utmost dedication, applying the most advanced practices and well-equipped facilities, so much so that many of today’s most established Maltese musicians have their grass-roots in this Philharmonic.

Today, one can easily state that the Maria Mater Gratiæ Philharmonic Society is a top level music school providing lessons in both practice and music theory coupled with extra lectures of music appreciation and constant individual attention to its students.

The homegrown musicians form the backbone of the Society and keep this Philharmonic alive thanks to the numerous music concerts they hold from time to time, in Zabbar and also in other theatres and places across Malta and Gozo. Besides, thanks to its good reputation, the Maria Mater Gratiæ band is regularly asked to play festive marches or take part in musical concerts as part of the numerous village feasts organized in Malta and Gozo in the summer season.

To practice its music, the band holds at least one weekly rehearsal under the baton of Band Director Kevin Mizzi FLCM, who has been occupying this post since 2012.

The Society’s annual activity is without any doubt its external participation in the Zabbar Feast in honour of Our Lady of Grace, Patron of Zabbar. As its name shows, the Society is dedicated the Our Lady of Grace and the Society involves itself massively in the external organisation of the Feast which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the 8th of September. During the Feast, the Maria Mater Gratiæ Band organizes various band marches along the streets of Zabbar and also holds an annual music concert which is attended by many.

Besides the Band, the Society also caters for the Feast street decorations, fireworks and other decorations accompanying the Band. Thus, apart from the Executive Committee and the Band Sub-Committee, one finds three other sub-Committees to take care of these aspects as well. In this way, the Maria Mater Gratiæ Philharmonic Society of Zabbar plays an active role in the development of the Maltese society, in particular the Zabbar society and for all these years has been instrumental in cultivating love towards music. Given that it is a voluntary organisation it also helps injecting a voluntary and pro-active spirit in our youths.