The Youth Committee together with several other members and volunteers from this Society, organise an annual artistic exhibition themed on Holy Week artefacts and models. This Exhibition was first organised in 2007 when the Youths’ Committee decided to restore and start using the Band Club’s underground cellar which was in a derelict situation and needed much attention and work. The idea behind this restoration project was so this part of the Club could be used for this Holy Week exhibition. Following the success of the first Pesah exhibition, which featured a life size representation of the Passover meal table, the Youths’ Committee decided to invest and expand this exhibition.

Several members of the Committee showed the will to start manufacturing artistic semolina and salt plates, featuring instances from the life of the Christ and his Passion and Death. This new concept was incorporated in the Pesah exhibition which started to slowly expand through the premises of the Band Club. Several volunteers and enthusiasts offered to start exhibiting statues, artefacts and paintings from their private collections, making this exhibition richer and bigger.

The Pesah exhibition was also the source for the first national record in Zabbar when an enormous scene made of coloured semolina, covering the floor of the Club’s main hall, was manufactured in 2014, bringing numerous enthusiasts from around the country to visit this exhibition.

Today this exhibition covers almost every room and hall of the Club’s building and is well renowned and followed by the Society’s members and Holy Week enthusiasts from around the country.