2017 will be a historical year for our Society – the year where our society finally owns its own clubhouse. The premises at 72, Sanctuary Street, will be finally in full ownership of Soc. Filar. Maria Mater Gratiae Zabbar after decades of being rented to be used as the club’s main premises.

With this big step being taken, there needs to be financial help from our members and fans. The clubhouse may be bought but there are a lot of payments that have to be done for the first few years.

Due to this, the Executive Committee has come up with a fund of only €20 per month, which will go directly for loan repayments.

This  fund can either be paid by cash at our clubhouse directly with the club’s Financial Administrator, Mr Lawrence Bugelli, or either through PayPal.

To pay via PayPal, please use one of the two options below:

    • Payment of  €20 per month for 2 years and 6 months (Total of €600)

    • Payment of  €20 per month with an indefinite end

      To cancel your fund payment, please click on this button