It has been a hectic month for several members of our club as maintenance work is still underway at the club’s bar area.

The Bar area was refurbished with new walls, furnishings, a new bar, new flooring and a new kitchen as well as new lighting and other new soft furnishings. The hall ‘Malta Rebbieħa’ was also refurbished and decorated by a new set of tiles and fresh paint. In addition, the snooker was dismantled in order to increase the seating capacity. These works are being carried out to give the bar a new image and concept. From now on, the bar will be given the name of MMG Bar & Bistro.


The work is now in its finishing stages as the club members and the new bar owners are preparing the finishing touches in order to be set and ready to open in the coming days. The bar will be run by Primavera Caterers.




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