The 9th of June will always be remembered as a glorious day in the club’s history. The Club officials, Mr Joe Saliba, Mr Charles Micallef and Mr Lawrence Bugelli, signed the final deed in a meeting with the previous owners of the club premises, making Societa’ Filarmonica Maria Mater Gratiae Zabbar the rightful owners of the premises at 72, Sanctuary Street, Zabbar.

The signing of the final deed was followed by spontaneous celebrations at the club during the evening, where hundreds attended to show their support and appreciation.

All this was possible thanks to numerous people and club members who supported the club officials especially Mr Ronald Mizzi who dedicated a lot of time in order to make the society’s wish come true.

Societa’ Filarmonica Maria Mater Gratiae Zabbar is now the rightful owner of 72, Sanctuary Street, Zabbar


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