After months of work and preparations by the Executive Committee, its sub committees and active members, the club officials held an extraordinary general meeting for the club members last Wednesday 24th of May 2017.

Present during this general meeting were several club members, as well as four of the club’s Honorary Presidents – Mr. Joe Fenech, Mr. Frans Scicluna, Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli and Hon. Joe Mizzi.

Those present were addressed by the club President Mr. Joe Saliba as he  gave a short explanation of the whole scenario to-date regarding the club’s position in order to be in a position to proceed for the final deed to purchase the premises.  Mr. Lawrence Bugelli the club’s financial administrator also explained the club’s financial position, budget and forecasts before proceeding, for the deed. The Executive members  thus Mr. Joseph Saliba, Mr. Charles Micallef and Mr. Lawrence Bugelli  thanked Mr. Ronald Mizzi for his hard work in order for the club to reach this stage.

Mr. Lawrence Bugelli emphasised that one cannot stop at this stage as the club still is in need  of financial backing by its members in order to reach the annual repayments. Mr Bugelli urged the members to convince other fellow members and followers of the club to join the clubhouse fund for a monthly  payment of €20 in order to fund the monthly repayments of the club.

Honorary Presidents Hon. Dr. Helena Dalli, Hon. Joe Mizzi, Mr. Frans Scicluna and Mr. Joe Fenech also addressed those present on this special occasion. Hon. Dr Helena Dalli also presented another donation during her message.

The club’s executive secretary Mr. Charles Micallef then asked the members if there is an agreement in proceeding for the final deed, where there was unanimous agreement to proceed.

Therefore, the club will be proceeding for the final deed to acquire the premises at 72, Sanctuary Street, Zabbar, on Friday 9th of June 2017. A date that will forever be remembered by every member of the club and by the future generations .

The Executive Committee and its sub-committees would like to invite all of its members, fans and followers for a celebration on the same day after 8.00pm at the club’s premises. A limited number of t-shirts for this special occasion will be on sale at the club. Those who would like to place an order for this limited number of T-shirts may do so by contact Mr. Charles Scicluna on 99428403.

In order to join the clubhouse fund one can either contact Mr Lawrence Bugelli or Mr Charles Scicluna, or can be made online via Paypal Secure Payment by clicking here. Personal donations are also accepted.

Please always ask for the receipt of payment when presenting donations.

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